Grooming Sprays

Grooming Sprays


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  • £12.99 inc VAT

    Horseware Glitter Shimmer Spray

    With added glitter for that sparkle effect.

    Fixes manes, tails and quarter markings.

    Ultimate glossy finish to coat, manes and tails.

  • £9.99 inc VAT

    NAF On Shine Grooming Spray 500ml

    Off to a party? Your horse is squeaky clean and ready to go, but just needs that little extra sparkle to get noticed in the crowd. Finely mist the coat with this spray, it’s great for silking up manes and tails too, giving your horse an all over perfect finish. The results will get you NOTICED!

  • £9.99 inc VAT

    NAF Plait It Up 500ml

    Off to a show? Keep the wisps and strays at bay with Plait it Up Spray for show stopping plaits every time! Prepare to be PERFECT

  • £10.99 inc VAT

    Nettex Mane&Tail Detangler 500ml


    Mane & Tail Detangler is a non-oily formulation which effortlessly detangles manes and tails and seals the hair to discourage further knots from forming, helping to prevent breakage. It helps to repel dust and dirt too with one application lasting up to 7 days, saving you grooming time and money.