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  • Nettex – 4 in 1 Disinfectant

    Product Features

    • Minimises the risk of poultry bacteria and viruses
    • Ideal for cleaning all poultry equipment including feeders, drinkers, incubators and brooding equipment

      How to use

      • Spray directly onto all equipment and utensils once a week and leave to dry
      • There is no need to rinse
  • £7.99 inc VAT

    Nettex – Anti-Feather Pecking Spray 250ml

    The first step in defense against feather pecking and bullying.

    • Anti-Feather Pecking Spray helps prevent biting, plucking and cannibalism
    • It contains a foul-tasting substance with a very strong odour. The foul-tasting substance is strong and most biting or plucking should cease after 1-2 days
    • Anti-Feather Pecking Spray also includes anti- bacterial agents that will help disinfect minor skin abrasions. These agents also help minimise the spread of bacterial infections and support the healing process.

    How to use

    Spray on to any affected areas including skin where feathers have been removed. Use on feathers should be avoided.

  • £10.50 inc VAT

    Nettex – Total Mite Kill 750ml

    Product Features

    Pesk Pest: Red Mites

    • Rapid knockdown insecticide in an aerosol format
    • Kills mites in hard to reach areas of housing

      How to use

      • Use in housing
      • Remove all bedding and clean thoroughly
      • Spray in hard to reach places to kill mites
  • £7.50 inc VAT

    Nettex Scaly Leg Remover 250ml

    Pesk Pest: Scaly Leg

    • 3 in 1 spray provides a natural barrier to deter mites
    • Creates an uninhabitable environment for the mites
    • Provides relief by eradicating the source of discomfort
    • Spray onto a soft toothbrush
    • Apply to the legs and feet in an upward motion, gently working into the scales
    • Infestation: Repeat every 5-6 days (to break the egg cycle) until the infestation and the scabs have gone from under the scales

      Prevention: Use in times of infestation. Note that the scales will remain raised when the mites are gone

  • £13.75 inc VAT

    Nettex- Vitamin Boost 500ml

    Pesk Pest: Nutritional support

    • Supplies essential vitamins and minerals to support health and vitality all year round through drinking water.
    • Supports maintenance of peak egg production and bird health
    • Also contains seaweed and Biotin
    • Infestation:
    •  Feed for five days at the higher feed rate once a month. Encourage the birds to drink by taking the water away for short periods.

      Prevention: feed for five days at the lower feed rate once a month. Encourage the burds to drink by taking the water away for short periods.