Small Bags of House Coal

Small bags of house coal


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  • £6.60 inc VAT

    10kg Newflame

    Newflame is a good quality clean burning smokeless fuel shaped as an flat oval. It is suitable for open fires and multifuel stoves. It is renowned for being a very good quality fuel. It burns with a consistent heat and flame. This fuel is smokeless and suitable for use in a smoke restricted area. Sold Pre-Packed in 10kg Plastic Bags

  • £9.00 inc VAT

    20kg Firelite Coal Briquettes

    Coal Briketts produce a cosy warmth and friendly flame. They are suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, in traditional stoves and kitchen ranges and in solid fuel patio heaters. Briketts are a longer burning alternative to wood, and are low in sulphur and smoke. They are easy to light with a high heat output and bright and lively flames. They have a low ash content and are consistent in quality. They are approved for use in a smoke restricted area.

  • £9.70 inc VAT

    20kg Small Coal (Nuts)

    House Coal Nuts (approximately 50-100mm in size) This is a very traditional house coal and is one of the most widely used fuels for an open fire. It generates a strong and long flame and will generate an impressive amount of heat whilst burning efficently leaving only a small amount of ash residue. It is important to note that House Coal is NOT suitable for burning in a smoke control area. Sold Pre-packed in 20 Kilo Plastic Bags Increasing Discounts on Orders over 20 Bags – Call for our best price!

  • £1.15 inc VAT

    Homefire Firelighters (12 per box)

    For fast, reliable fire lighting.

  • £3.90 inc VAT

    Kindling Sticks

    Kindling sticks are perfect to get your fire going. Suitable for Log and Coal fires, open stoves, fire pits etc.

  • £3.25 inc VAT

    Saurida Wood Firelighters 50pcs

    Natural Firelighters for Fires, Stoves, Chimeneas & Barbecues.
    100% Natural 
    Burning time 1 pcs: 8-10mins