Small Bags of House Coal

Small bags of house coal


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  • £7.00 inc VAT

    10kg Homefire

    Homefire is the top of the range and very popular smokeless fuel suitable for open fires and muti-fuel stoves.

    It combines all the qualities of coal with being slow burning and easy to control.

    It has an attractive flame and can burn for up to 40% longer than house coal.

    Sold in 10kg pre packed sealed bags.

  • £6.35 inc VAT

    10kg Newflame

    Newflame is a good quality clean burning smokeless fuel shaped as an flat oval.

    It is suitable for open fires and multifuel stoves.

    It is renowned for being a very good quality fuel. It burns with a consistent heat and flame.

    This fuel is smokeless and suitable for use in a smoke restricted area.

    Sold Pre-Packed in 10kg Plastic Bags

  • £8.40 inc VAT

    20kg Coal Nuts in Red Bag

    Red Nuts Economy is sometimes known by the name of Coal Doubles.

    This is a traditional house coal which is popular for use on an open fire.

    It is considered to be easy to light and burns with a natural looking flame and has a low ash residue.

    It is not suitable for use in a smoke controlled area.

    Sold Pre-Packed in 20kg Plastic Bags
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  • £8.75 inc VAT

    20kg Firelite Coal Briketts

    Coal Briketts produce a cosy warmth and friendly flame.

    They are suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, open fires, in traditional stoves and kitchen ranges and in solid fuel patio heaters.

    Briketts are a longer burning alternative to wood, and are low in sulphur and smoke. They are easy to light with a high heat output and bright and lively flames.

    They have a low ash content and are consistent in quality.

    They are approved for use in a smoke restricted area.

  • £9.00 inc VAT

    25kg Cosy Coal

    Cosy Coal is ordinary house coal packaged in a way that minimises coal dust when first lighting the fire.

    Inside each 25kg bag are 12 big polywrapped fire loads in four 6kg carry away packs.

    This product is NOT authorised for use in smoke control areas.

    Sold pre-packed in 25kg Plastic Bags.