Frequently Asked Questions

I have run out of Heating Oil (Kerosene) how quickly can you get a delivery to me?

Please call the office to place an emergency heating oil order, we will endeavour to get to you as quickly as we can. We also have a heating oil dispensing pump at our yard which will allow you to get the boiler working again. We can hire out 25 litre containers at £10 (each) and will be refunded £8.00 per container upon return. We recommend buying at least 100 litres if you have run out.

My tank is damaged/ cracked/ leaking/ needs replacing. What do I need to do?

We can supply and fit new oil tanks. If there is heating oil still in the tank we can pump it out and store it and put it back into the new tank if it is clean. Please either email or call us with the details and one of our fitters will come and give you an estimate to supply and fit a new tank.

Do I need to be at the property to receive a heating oil delivery?

No, so long as the driver has access to the tank, they will come a make the delivery and leave the delivery note either by the tank or put it through your letter box.

Do I require a heating oil additive?

We stock 2 types of additives. The Exocet for AGA’s and the Premium Heating Oil for Boilers. These are both designed to improve performance and to lower carbon build up.

What happens if I order too much heating oil and the whole order cannot be delivered into my tank?

The driver will only put as much heating oil in your tank as it is safe to do so. If we do not deliver the whole order, please give us a call for a refund for the difference.

I have a heating oil quotation lower than you are offering, can you match the price?

Yes, we will always try to be competitive.

Why are there so many names for heating oil?

Heating oil is also known as

  • Kerosene
  • 28 seconds
  • Burning Oil
  • Industrial Paraffin
  • Kero

I want to burn solid fuel but am in a smokeless zone, what can I burn?

Leamington Spa, Coventry and Oxford are all smokeless zones. We offer a range of smokeless fuels.

There are many types of coal, which one do I need?

  • For Parkrays we recommend either anthracite Stovesse, Phurncite or Maxibrite
  • For Rayburns we recommend either anthracite Stovenuts or Phurnicite.
  • For log burners we recommend Newflame, Homefire or Maxibrite.
  • For AGAs we recommend anthracite Stovenuts.
  • And for hopper feed boilers we recommend anthracite Beans or Grains.

What would you recommend to burn on a log burner?

We would recommend burning our kiln dried logs as they have a low moisture content and burn hotter and for longer.

I cannot see the animal feed I require, can you order it in?

Yes, we can order in a variety of feeds from chickens, goats, horses or rabbits for all dietary needs.

I don’t know how to connect my gas bottle up, are you able to help?

No problem, one of our drivers will deliver the bottle and connect it up.

Do you provide wood pellets?

Yes, all our pellets are BSL registered. We can supply them in 10kg or 15kg bag and one of our delivery drivers will stack them in your store for you. We also supply loose wood pellets but you will require a hopper dry storage.

If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to ring us on

01926 642832