Fuels at the Pump

Pump Sales – Diesel, Red Diesel and Emergency Heating Oil

Diesel, red diesel and emergency heating oil are available from our yard Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm. Our yard is large enough to accommodate any tractor, oil bowser or truck. To check our current pump prices, contact us via:

Telephone:  01926 642832

Email:  enquiries@redhorsevale.co.uk

We offer these fuels at the pump:

  • Kerosene 28 Second Home Heating Oil
  • Red Diesel / Gas Oil
  • White Diesel / Road Diesel / Derv

Fuel Containers for Hire or Purchase

If you require emergency oil or don’t have a container, we’ve got you covered.  If you wish to hire a container, we can provide a 25 litre container to  hire for just £2.00 each.  In this case, a £10 deposit is required (each) and will be refunded £8.00 per container upon return.  If you are purchasing home heating oil, we recommend buying at least 100 litres if you have run out.  Other fuels can be purchased in any amount you require.  Otherwise, you may bring your own container to fill.