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  • £16.00 inc VAT

    Spillers Alfafa Pro-Fibre 20kg (Order In Only)


    ·         SPILLERS Alfalfa-Pro Fibre contains a blend of fibres including pure alfalfa which is high in quality protein and organic minerals, ideal for feeding alongside compound feeds and balancers.


    ·         The short chopped fibre extends eating time and combined with the buffering properties of alfalfa helps to maintain gastric health.


    ·         A blend of slowly, moderately and rapidly fermentable fibres to provide an ideal matrix to support hindgut health.


    ·         Includes a high level of rapeseed oil to enhance coat shine and provide slow release energy for optimum condition.


    ·         With added vitamin E, an important antioxidant to balance the high oil content.


    ·         Low in starch and sugar to support digestive health and reduce the risk of excitability.


  • £19.00

    Spillers Daily Balancer 15kg


    ·         Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to balance the diet every day.


    ·         Specifically designed to balance the nutrients typically low in pasture, hay and haylage.


    ·         No added iron which is often oversupplied in forage based diets.


    ·         Contains 15mg of biotin per 500g serving proven to support hoof health.


    ·         With chelated trace elements to maximise absorption.


    ·         Cereal grain free, low in starch and sugar.




  • £11.80

    Spillers Speedy Mash Fibre 20kg


    ·         Fast soaking fibre blend for all horses and ponies including those prone to laminitis.


    ·         Cereal & molasses free, high in fibre & low in starch & sugar making it ideal for good doers and those in light work.


    ·         With prebiotic FOS and probiotic live yeast to help support optimum digestive health.


    ·         Supplies quality protein to help maintain topline & muscle tone. This is especially important for balancing the diet of horses and ponies on calorie restricted rations.


    ·         Includes a full range of vitamins & minerals including chelated zinc & copper to help maximise absorption.


    ·         Perfect for senior horses with poor teeth, especially those who have difficulty chewing long fibre.