NETTEX Hoof Master with Violet 300ml

£10.99 inc VAT


Nettex Hoof Master with Violet is a highly effective formulation that helps assist and maintain the overall health and hygiene of the hooves. Nettex Hoof Master with Violet is a purple spray containing concentrated antibacterial agents that are designed to help maintain a healthy hoof. Maintaining healthy feet means that foot conditions are much less likely to occur. Used on a regular basis, Nettex Hoof Master with Violet will help maintain healthy feet even in challenging conditions. This useful spray is ideal for keeping in your first aid kit.


·         Violet spray with concentrated antibacterial agents to help sanitise the feet and easily identifies areas of application.


·         Used on a regular basis it helps to maintain healthy feet.


·         Rapid drying formula.


·         Can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions and scratches.