1) Enter Your Postcode:

2) Select the Fuel Type:

Home Heating Oil (Kerosene) / 28 Second
Red Diesel / Gas Oil

3) Select the Litres Required:

4) Select Tanker Size:

- See below for more information.

Standard Small 4 Wheel (+2p/L) Baby (+3p/L)

5) Include Premium Additive? (One bottle per 1,000 litres)

None Premium Additive
£15.50 inc. VAT each
Premium Additive
Cherry Fragrance
£16.50 inc. VAT each
Exocet (for Agas)
£15.50 inc. VAT each

Tanker Size Information:

Standard 6 Wheel Tanker

A standard tanker should be selected if you have no issues with access to your property or oil tank.
Small 4 Wheel Tanker

May be required if you have any tight corners, bridges or any vehicle restrictions such as height or weight. Approx Size: 10 ft wide x 25 ft long.
Baby Tanker

A baby tanker may be used where access is very difficult with low overhead structures or very narrow lanes. Approx Size: 8 ft wide x 16-18 ft long.